With more than 25 years experience in the granite, marble, and stone industry, Robert Stone, Inc. meets and exceeds the needs of architects, designers, residential homeowners, commercial businesses, contractors, distributors, and others.

We are in the business of making quality countertops, fireplace surrounds, and custom stone applications.

Robert Stone, Inc. goes far beyond standard fabrication, installation, and restoration of granite and marble counter-tops. We are experts in the stone industry, from owning and operating a sandstone quarry to creating petrified wood slabs. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of granite and quartz materials and our follow through with our very important clients.

We are able to provide service locally for Grand Junction, Telluride, Montrose, Delta, Ouray, Moab, Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, the Western Slope of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming while catering to major projects NATIONWIDE.


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We can get the stone you’re looking for! We work with many distributors nationally, so if there is a stone you are particularly interested in, let us use our resources to provide what you want.

“Robert Stone’s level of fabrication is the highest quality I’ve ever seen. Their professionalism was equally as high as the level of custom fabrication. They completed everything on-time and on-schedule, as they said they would.”


Homeowner, Moab, Utah

“The Sandalwood stone countertops and fireplaces are wonderful.  Easy to care for and beautiful to look at.”


Home Owner, Grand Junction, Colorado

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of natural stone?
The lifespan of natural stone is superior to that of most man made surfaces.  Natural stone is durable and can be naturally heat and stain resistant- depending on the material.  As Martha Stewart Living says, “stone signals quality and longevity”.  Do your research on different materials, but granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, slate, sandstone, travertine, onyx, and quartz can all be fantastic for design and functionality.
How often does my stone surface need resealed?
We use top quality sealers to ensure our products are protected.  Our impregnating sealer sinks beyond the surface of the stone to protect it for 7-10 years.  This timeline fluctuates with the amount of use and abuse your stone receives at home.  Our technicians are ready and able to reseal your granite whenever you feel you need it.  If you start to notice that your granite or marble surface allows liquid to penetrate the surface, it’s time to reseal. Our technicians are ready and able to reseal your granite whenever you feel you need it. A simple home test is to sprinkle water onto the surface of your stone.  If it beads up and sits on top, your stone is just fine.  If, however, the water makes spots on the stone even after it’s wiped up, you should call us, or your local stone care company, to have it resealed.
So I want a new countertop, now what?
You can call or stop by the office to discuss stone choices, design options and pricing.

  1. Get a free estimate from a local fabricator to set your project budget.  Be sure to ask questions about quality, seam details, and type of sealer used before choosing a fabricator.
    • We can come to your home to get measurements or you can send us dimensions and details for the project.  Cabinet drawings work just fine for us!
  2.  Choose the type of stone you want based on the level (price) that you have set your budget to. Place the slabs on hold and let your fabricator know so they can reevaluate your estimate to make it very accurate.
  3. Set up a time for template. In order to template:
    • A material deposit should be paid
    • All appliance details are needed.
    • All sinks/faucets should be on sight.
    • All cabinets should be in place and secured.
    • All backsplash details should be decided
  4. Go over your layout on the stone with your salesman, especially if your granite has a certain pattern you want to capture.
  5. Fabrication time may vary, but the next step is installation.  Ensure you call a plumber to come and unhook all of the fixtures ahead of time and have them come back to get your plumbing all back in order the day after installation.

*If you are doing a remodel and using the same cabinetry, we are able to tear out your old tops and install the new in the same day, depending on the size of your project.

How do I choose the perfect stone?
The process for choosing the perfect stone can be timely, but there are a few things you can do to conserve your time and energy.

  1. Have a picture of what you want your kitchen to look like in mind.  (Are you doing B&W, warm tones, all white, dark everywhere, or a classic look?) Do you want to contrast or compliment your cabinetry?
  2. Be open minded about granite, marble, soapstone, sandstone, limestone, travertine, and quartz options.  Ask us, or the granite distributor you’re working with, a lot of questions about the pros and cons of going with different types of stone.
  3. I highly recommend you pick out the slabs you want to use in person,  before having them shipped to your fabricator.  Natural stone patterns can vary quite a bit and pictures can be deceiving as far as actual colors of the stone.
  4. Choosing your countertop material before any other fixtures is a wise choice as there are less stone choices than there are cabinet and tile colors.  We want you to get the stone you want, rather than settling for something that will match
  5. If you already have flooring, backsplash, cabinet doors, or any other color schemes chosen, bring them with you to choose the stone.  That really helps to ensure the tops and the rest of the kitchen will flow well together!
  6. Choose the stone you love.  Don’t settle for less just because it’s a little less expensive.  This stone could last your lifetime and should be viewed as an investment.  All of our clients who have opted to settle, regret their decision and sometimes come back in a few years to get what they actually want.  Get what you really want now to save yourself the hassle later!
Do you suggest natural or engineered stone?
There are benefits to both types and we do work extensively on natural and engineered stone projects. To assess that question is to decide what the most important features will be of the stone and find a material that encompasses them!
How do I clean my Granite countertop?
We have found that the best solution for cleaning stone countertops is a mild dish soap and warm water combination.  The antibacterial soap will clean the surface, but is gentle enough that it won’t harm the stone’s surface or break down the sealer.  A soft cloth  is fine to use on the countertops.  Rinse with water to avoid leaving streaks on the stone.  Absolutely do not use abrasive materials to scrub or harsh chemicals to clean.  These can scratch and etch the stone’s surface.

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